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       Bulk Materials            
 3-4 inch River Gravel
4-8 inch River Gravel
Large Maryland Shore
Small Maryland Shore
Mocha Stone
Red Sunset Bark Stone
Small PA Red Stone
Decorative and Playground Mulch
Decorative Stone
Brown Double Shred Mulch
(We also carry Cherry Brown)
Black Double Shred Mulch
Red Wood Mulch
Playground Mulch
Premium Double Shred Mulch
Hardwood Mulch:
Color Enhanced Hardwood Mulch:
Whether you are looking to mulch your
planting beds or your child's playground, we
have everything that you need.

Our Hardwood and Color Enhanced mulch
(shown to the right) is organic and also has
an extremely high bark content. It will break
down into the soil unlike the mulch made
from pallets and 2 x 4's.

The Premium Double Shred mulch will fade
after about 2 months; however, the Color
Enhanced mulch will hold it's color
throughout the season.

We also carry the shredded wood mulch (not
shown) in black, brown, and red. This mulch
is to be removed and replaced, as it doesn't
break down as readily.

Tip: One cubic yard of mulch at a 2" depth
covers approximately 160 square feet.
Our large variety of Decorative Stone is the perfect option if you would like a more permanent
solution for your planting beds. It also goes a long way from a design perspective to use in
conjunction with our Color Enhanced mulch. Click on the pictures below to get a better idea of what
we have to offer, or come visit us and browse our bins of materials to see for yourself firsthand.  
3-4" River Gravel
4-8" River Gravel
Large Maryland Shore
Small Maryland Shore
Lava Rock
Mocha Stone
Red Sunset Bark Stone
Small PA Red Stone
Topsoil & Compost
Screened and Shredded Topsoil
Mushroom Manure
Mushroom Manure
Our Topsoil is some of the finest in the area. With a one yard minimum for delivery, we can handle just
about any amount that you may need. Our Mushroom Manure is typically used as a top-dress for
lawns, as well as a good organic mix for your vegetable or ornamental gardens.
Click on the picture to see one of our
delivery trucks ready for your next project.
Aggregates & Sand
2a Limestone
#57 Limestone
Mason Sand ASTM C144
Highway Sand ASTM C33
2a Limestone
Typically used as a base for
walls, patios and driveways
#57 Limestone
Typically used as backfill for
retaining walls
Mason Sand
Typically used as jointing sand
for interlocking concrete
Highway Sand
Typically used as bedding
sand for interlocking concrete
Our limestone aggregates are PennDot approved. Our mason sand is classified as ASTM C144 and
our highway sand is classified as ASTM C33. We also carry #8 limestone chips, #3 limestone, #57
gravel, and pea gravel (not shown).
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